Dozens and dozens of iPhone photo editing apps give you great flexibility, but not all of them save their results at the full resolution of the Camera app. An image that looks great on the iPhone screen may print horribly or appear small when attached to an email message because your edited image has been scrunched to an unexpectedly small size.

PhotoSize performs one simple job: It lets you inspect — directly on your iPhone or iPod touch — the actual pixel dimensions of any image saved to your Camera Roll or album. Prevent embarrassing surprises by checking your images with PhotoSize before you share them.

PhotoSize is a free download from the App Store.


Notes, Comments, Field Reports

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Sun, 20 Sep 2015. Unfortunately, the ancient code in the app does not work in iOS 9. I am rewriting the app from scratch with an all-new user interface to make it more efficient to use. The new version will be released as an update, so when it becomes available, it will show up as an update in your iTunes app.

Tue, 20 July 2010. The recent iOS 3.2.1 upgrade for the iPad is causing false image sizes to be reported by PhotoSize when run on the iPad. Updated PhotoSize version 1.0.3 fixes the issue and has been submitted to the App Store.

Fri, 25 June 2010. PhotoSize 1.0.2 is now available. The upgrade offers iOS 4 compatibility and fixes an issue when run on an iPad. I have changed the AdMob ad banner with one from iAds, which means that for awhile, anyway, ads will be few and far between.

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