Web Apps for iPhone

Soon after Apple released the iPhone (and long before they released a Development Kit to the world), I wrote a web application that was the first-ever tip calculator for the device. This was a state-of-the-art iPhone web app — in July 2007, not today. With the release of the SDK, many other developers have created standalone tip calculator applications that can take advantage of the inherent speed of a built-in application and whatever cool graphics and custom user interface elements they want to add to it (without having to wait for images to download to Safari).

I have also migrated my iPhone/iPod touch development to the iOS SDK, and support that part of my coding life at iApplications by Danny Goodman. Please visit to see what I'm up to. I also have an SDK development blog there for those interested in the nitty gritty of my SDK coding and the transition I made from JavaScript/Web client coder to hard-core app developer. The original web app developer notes I had at this site are outdated and have been removed. If you are a web app developer and have been stymied in making the transition to developing with the iOS SDK, you should find my latest book, Learning the iOS 4 SDK for JavaScript Programmers helpful in boosting you up the steep learning curve.

I am leaving the old Tip Calculator web app online here because I still see a fair amount of traffic to this page. You are more than welcome to use either version below (one of which can be saved as a bookmark for use offline). The versions below include a repair to glitches caused by changes within iOS 4.2.

There are no implied or explicit warranties for these web applications. Usage is on an "as-is" basis. I welcome comments and suggestions directed to the name of the device ("iphone") followed by the "@" sign, and my domain, "dannyg.com". Enjoy!

  • Restaurant & Bar Tip Calculator (v0.76a) (http://dannyg.com/iphone/tipCalc/)
  • Open this copy of the Tip Calculator (v0.78) in Safari/iPhone, then save it as a bookmark (or, if you sync your Safari bookmarks with your iPhone, drag this link to your Bookmarks bar for installation during the next sync). The entire application will be stored on your iPhone within the bookmark. You will then be able to choose the bookmark and run the application even if you are not connected to the Internet or if you have Airplane Mode turned on (click Cancel in the "You must disable airplane mode to access data" alert window when launching Safari). To remove the application (or an older version), simply delete the bookmark. The different version numbers differentiate the web-accessed and local versions, which are both functionally identical.