How to Contact Danny Goodman

Email Policy

I try to respond to every piece of email that I receive containing a question of some kind — even if it is to say that I don’t know the answer to your question or am unable to assist. I give top priority to email requests from current and prospective software app users, book readers, and clients. Response time to messages from these illustrious groups can range from minutes to usually no more than 24 hours (unless Internet access is limited).

The only direct programming assistance I can offer is about code from my books. Please don’t ask me to write a bunch of free code for you (or your programming course project). My clients pay for that service.

Spam Filtering Here

Because my primary email address has been public on the Web since 1996, it is a target for massive amounts of spam every day. To defend my inbox, I use very aggressive spam filtering. The email address scrapers of the world do not read details on Contact pages, so I can safely disclose a spam filter bypass string of characters you should copy and paste into your email message to me: typewriter_roller

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