Consulting Services


All work is performed under the strictest confidence. Only those jobs that I can perform personally are accepted, so your project will receive my complete attention and the highest quality assurance.

Current areas of interest include:

  • Technical Writing (computing for all experience levels; programming)
  • Intellectual Property Litigation (patent prior art searches and analysis, code review, and expert witness testimony in subject areas covered by my publications, products, and consulting projects)
  • Classroom Training for Email Safety (
  • iOS Application Development
  • Converting old HyperCard stacks to FileMaker Pro databases

Terms and Conditions

Projects lasting fewer than 12 hours and legal consulting are quoted on an hourly rate basis. Larger writing or programming-related jobs are quoted on either an hourly or project basis, with mutually agreed-to payment milestones or schedules.

On-site consulting is available only in the San Francisco/San Jose, California area.

I will sign non-disclosure agreements with clients. I reserve the right to re-use code, algorithms, concepts, and programming constructs developed for a client in my other consulting work or in books and articles so long as the content does not violate the non-disclosure agreement.

How to Begin

The first step is determining whether I have space in my schedule for the job. Email me at the following address to determine my current availability:

Visit Contact page for alternate contact methods.

If I am available, we can proceed to the next step: determining your requirements.