Privacy Policy

This Web site captures no personal information about any visitor. The ISP’s Web hosting software does record the IP address of every page and image request, but that information (purged frequently) cannot be traced to any individual. In fact, when I do bother to scan through server logs, I’m only interested in which pages enjoy the most or least traffic — like a bookstore inspecting its carpet to see which sections attract the most visitors.

This site uses browser (client-side) cookies to store a time stamp of your last visit to the site so that some of the pages can signal content that is new since your last visit. None of this information is ever communicated to the server, as all such time stamp comparisons take place solely within your browser.

This site does not embed any third-party advertisements, banners, clear images, or other chicanery to track your visitations. You are assured complete anonymity in your access to this Web site.

Suffice it to say, I guard my own privacy most highly, and treat your privacy with the same reverence and respect.